Zumba “Joke” Now National Phenomenon

Zumba plachta 200x200.indd

Zumba, a ridiculous “exercise” popular among the elderly and socially inept, combining samba, salsa, avocado, mambo, Capoeira, belly dancing, air guitar, shadow boxing and variations of the “robot” which started as a joke between two columbian out of work hat salesmen has now become a national excercise phenomenon, with over 3000 classes nationwide.


BYU Named Nation’s Most Cheating-Impaired University

Princeton Review 08

For the fourth consecutive year, Brigham Young University has been named the nation’s most cheating-deficient campus according to the Princeton Review, beating out Smithtown University by a narrow margin. The designation was based on a national survey of college students on which BYU scored lower than any other university with only 7% of students claiming to have cheated within the last semester.


“Cloak Boy” Returns to Year 3013

PROVO – Provo’s recent singing sensation/controversy “Cloak Boy” made an announcement yesterday from the top of the Tanner building that he will finally return to to the year 3013 after 2o years of warning the world of pending destruction through his incessant singing and various “antics”.